Enjoy your drink

You need the right glass with the V shape to taste champagne at its best. Champagne must be cooled in an ice bucket (8° to 9° C but not less). If it is too cold it will will prevent you from tasting the aromas. You can lay the bottle in the fridge, but do not keep the bottle in the door compartment : the shake of opening the door is not good for champagne.

Do not fill the glass all the way up , half will be plenty.

Keeping Champagne in an ice bucket will enable you to enjoy the bottle to the very end.

Our Selection

We would like to help you discover the true diversity of Champagne through the 4 main different regions and the 3 varietals.
Champagne et Villages is only working with family owned Domaines who are close to their vines. They know that good wines can only come from good grapes, they are traditional vigneron who grow their own vines naturally, with as little treatments as possible, harvesting with their own team with vinification and bottling taking place at the domaine.

Champagne et Villages is keen on finding the top quality in their production.
vinification by parcels or patches - old vines production - ageing at least 3 years in cellars - old vintages - vinification in barrels - classic Champagne always at its best maturation - malo lactic fermentation or not.

Champagne et Villages considers champagne as more than just a drink for an aperitif or a fete.

Champagne with food

Of course we love champagne for aperitif ! But we keep on saying it pairs with food wonderfully.Try some of our suggestion:

  • Chardonnay will pair with any sea food and fish dishes.
  • Pinot Noir will pair with roast meats, poultry and game.
  • Pinot Meunier will pair with cooked meat.

Hold on Champagne from aperitif to the end of your meal

Champagne glass

The choice of your glass is of great importance

The shape must have a kind of V shape in order to let the bubbles come from the bottom and burst out at the top.
We prefer fine glass to crystal, because in glass you have micro asperities which help bubbles to work out nicely.

We never clean our glasses in the dishwasher, the rinsing liquid product will kill the bubbles. The glasses must be washed under the tap with hot water and hand
dried with a thin linen towel . Do not store your glasses in boxes, they need to be aired.

The bubbles develop the aromas.