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Champagnes with at least 3 years ageing in bottle. The ancestral knowledge passed down to these producers has enabled us to uncover Champagne wines that are : Light and spirited, ample and complex, delicate, harmonious, structured, elegant and balanced.

The Champagne et Villages identification strip and the back label on each bottle testify to the rigorous and qualitative selection process.

Mission statement


All Champagnes are elaborated and bottled at the producer's cellars. The wines are aged in cellars for a minimum of three years prior to disgorging. Vinification is monitored by an authorised laboratory. Our Champagne et Villages identification strip and the back label guaranty our commitment to quality.


Champagne et Villages selections are strictly limited in quantity We do not offer any "cuvee" that does not meet our highest standards

Our diversity

"Champagne et Villages" would like to help you to discover the true diversity of Champagne wines from different vineyards typical of their " Terroir", " Villages" and " Varietals".

We would be delighted to give you a more thorough explanation about the philosophy of our selection and to go into finer details.
All Champagnes are elaborated and bottled at family wineries.

Champagne information


Four large regions make up the Champagne vineyards :
Montagne de Reims - Vallée de la Marne - Côte des Blancs - Côte des Bar
Since 1927, Champagne vineyards have been limited by law to 34,000 hectares according to the viticulture history of the villages, the growing areas,locality and plots.


Since 1927, only three grape varieties have been authorized :
Pinot Noir - Pinot Meunier - Chardonnay
These three varieties have their own characteristics which evolve and express themselves differently according to the different "terroir" (soil type, aspect and micro-climate) : Power for Pinot Noir - Fruit for Pinot Meunier - Finesse for Chardonnay


Codified in 1911, the scale for classifying vineyards by villages (Crus) has undergone several slight alterations with 321 Crus making up the delimited region of Champagne on a qualitative scale. 17 Grands Crus - 42 Premiers Crus - 320 Crus

Our biography

Champagne et Villages, created by Paul and Francoise Couvreur in 1998 and now run by their daughter Sophie, is a family business dedicated to the promotion of boutique grower champagnes around the world.

Drawing on Pauls extensive experience with over 20 years running and marketing major champagne houses, together they have selected a range of quality driven, passionate and individual champagne brands that mirror their own philosophy of quality and commitment.

I have had the opportunity to join Sophie on visits to some of the Champagne et Villages partner wineries. During these visits I saw what fantastic relationships she had with them all – a testament to her desire to understand the family, their philosophy and practises as much as their wines. It is obvious that her personal joy comes from seeing them succeed. I was very thankful to have been invited to join her and see ‘behind the scenes’ how each of these quite different personalities work to create their unique champagnes.

With Sophie’s dynamic approach to understanding and penetrating new markets, coupled with the expertise passed on from her parents, the Couvreur family bring together the critical elements required to successfully sell grower champagnes. Without a doubt, the Couvreurs have been instrumental in increasing the growth and image internationally of the smaller Champagne houses.

Kate Laurie

Winemaker and Proprietor
Deviation Road Wines – Adelaide Hills